Phone: 954-988-1140
Fort Lauderdale-FL
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Located in Fort Lauderdale-FL, the AMS Fabrication Shop is specialized in welding / developing and fabrication of all kind of metal projects.
With over twenty years in business, our team of well experienced German and American craftsmen are armed with the latest technologies and work closely with each customer to understand their needs and achieve their goals. Our skills in part fabrication and knowledge of metal engineering allow us to manage projects from initial design through delivery.

We are attending small services the same way as industrial ones.
AMS Fabrications Inc.
Custom Fabrication Service
- Steel, stainless, aluminum part fabrication.
- TIG / MIG welding.
- Marine part & accessories fabrication.
- Plasma cutting.
- Reverse engineerining.
- 3D scanning.
- Chassis and tubular construction.
- CNC machining.
- Automotive aluminum body fabrication.
- Consulting.
- Restorations.
- "SOLIDWORKS" CAD engineering, 3D rendering.
- Re-construction of lost or broken parts.


- Steel, stainless steel and aluminum part fabrication
- TIG / MIG Welding of tubing and sheet metal structures
- Marine part & accessory fabrication
- Plasma Cutting
- Reverse engineering
- 3D Scanning
- Aluminum casting
- Chassis construction
- CNC Machining
- Automotive aluminum body fabrication
- Consulting
- Restorations
- 'Solidworks' computerized CAD engineering
- Re-construction of lost car parts
- Upholstery
- Marine parts
- Fiberglass parts
AMS Fabrications Inc.
2816 NW 30th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale - FL - 33311
Phone: (954) 988 1140
Architectural fabrication, prototyping, projects from scratch, art work,part development,
3d-pre-visualization and all kind of weldings.
Fort Lauderdale-Florida